General Motors: On the road again

SUN/MRM + McCann Erickson


Category: Automotive
Country where program ran: Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Columbia
Date program started/ended: 10 November – 12 December 2008 – Until Now

Product Description: An online social platform targeted at youngsters whose objective is to encourage them to share their car trips experiences.

Advertiser/Client Name: General Motors
Media Channels: Email
Web Advertising
Web Development


Marketplace Challenge:

With the favorable economic scenario in Brazil, the car market, especially those models with a young appeal, is living a moment where fierce competition prevails. On the other hand, the automobile industry that has built its empire thanks to mass media efforts, is now before a generation that is absolutely different from the ones it had seduced in the past. Now the mission is to powerfully connect with the youngsters of today, the so called Y Generation, a generation of questioning and inquisitive minds.They do not rely on official media; they form their opinions in social networks and are always connected with their partners.