Agency: Ambition


The goal was to get a kick start for the new software for the construction industry. In Denmark this is a market of ERP solutions and project management, and Salary systems that is flooded with free and cheap software. We aimed to create brand awareness in the target audience as well as involving the relevant decision makers and convert them into qualified permission leads.

Some leads should download a trial version of the software and some should indicate interest in further dialogue with the industry experts in EG. And the sales follow up should close new customers on the platform and sell some licenses.


The most successful companies in the construction industry are characterized by their ability to adapt quickly to changes in the market, and they are all focused on running a modern business integrating IT-systems with their work processes across invoicing, project management and inventory management etc. So, most companies would be far more successful if they did not run their business with manual and adverse routines. These are all stopgap measures in many shapes like physical time sheets, invoices for material sourcing, post-it's with scrawl, stacks of paperwork, and it-systems that are not compatible.