Product Description

Statistics reveal that two out of three women in Spain don't reach orgasm, over 1 million have never reached one and 41% just fake it, which is why Durex launched its Intense Orgasmic Gel to help women reach and enjoy orgasms. The product is applied to the clitoris area and its components stimulate the nerve endings, speeding up orgasms.

With the launch campaign rolling out in January 2017 Durex tasked the agency to develop a prelaunch teaser campaign to run over the 2016 Christmas period.

Objectives: Generate media buzz and engagement and strengthen the product's viral potential across social networks maximising expectation and conversation around the campaign's hashtag that would later feature in the product launch

Objective of the Campaign

With Durex, even the coldest woman on earth is going to reach orgasm: The woman from our cell phones. Four campaign videos were launched showing how the voice of our cell phones reached orgasm while delivering her season's greetings and Happy New Year message. The videos invited users to create their own festive messages on the website.

On this webpage, we used text-to-speech technology to transform the user's festive greetings into messages that were delivered with the voice of the cell phone in mid-orgasm. Users could share their festive greetings on Facebook and via Twitter. They could also send them through WhatsApp and by email.