Daimler AG: 10 years Smart – sounds from the backseat

Proximity Germany


Category: Automotive
Country where program ran: Germany
Date program started/ended: October 2008

Product Description: smart fortwo

Advertiser/Client Name: Daimler AG – smart
Media Channels: DirectMail


Marketplace Challenge:

The new smart fortwo is sold and delivered to the owner. This means that now any sales arguments or product features no longer count. Now is when the flattery begins. Because everyone wants to have it affirmed that they made a good decision.

Target audience: Consumer

Drivers and owners of a smart car.

Size of target audience: 50,000-999,999

Marketing strategy:

For the anniversary campaign we are serving our customers with a mailing integrated in the campaign. The loyalty mailing ostensibly takes up the campaign idea “Simply unique” by visualizing the non-existent rear seat bench. Objectives of the loyalty mailing: a) purchase affirmation “Random act of kindness”, b) to increase the repurchase potential, c) image strengthening “The urban original.” d) obtain the e-mail-adresses of smart drivers and smart customers including the permission to use them for future e-mail-marketing activities.

Marketing Tactics: