Agency: La Q


To achieve memorability in the launch of the cleaning product in B2B businesses. And to obtain at least 40,000 video views on Facebook and a 10% increase in sales in the period January - May 2018 versus the same period of the previous launch of Max Wipe.


To achieve a greater brand messaging impact, memorability was sought by combining the characteristics of the product with the items that have the greatest impact on the use of these products.

Humor was key in the strategy of the campaign. videos were made focused on 3 workplaces (restaurants, offices and mechanics) to show the versatility of the product.

At media level, the strategy included adwords, display ads, Facebook ads, sponsored posts, and on social media platforms. Segmented emails were also sent to current customers and potential ones too. The sales team was armed with brochures to sell the product and samples to test the product.

Creative solution