Cirko Film: Cinema delivery

Campaign details

Agency: Young & Rubicam Budapest
Client: Cirko Film
Category: Publishing / Entertainment

Executive summary

This case study describes how Cirko Film, a film company in Hungary, launched a mobile cinema to raise an audience for the film 'For Some Inexplicable Reason'. There is not a great tradition in Hungary for watching Hungarian films at the cinema. Cirko Film created 'Cinema Delivery', a mobile cinema that could be ordered like a pizza, which parked up close to the customer's home, to show the film to a private audience of eight. The concept of Cinema Delivery became famous and through it, the film. The film became one of the most watched films of 2014 and made eleven times its production cost in ticket sales.

Product description

Hungarian people don't watch Hungarian films, especially not in the cinema. So this Hungarian film went to them.

Objective of the campaign