Agency: Agentur am Flughafen

Product Description

by marei is a small, young retail company that specializes in designer furniture. Its managers have a small showroom and particularly impressive expertise when it comes to designer seating from around the world. To clearly convey this to potential building owners and architects, it was necessary to create a marketing tool that could be used as a brochure and mailing in one.

Objective of the Campaign

The outstanding expertise in the area of seating was demonstrated in a multifunctional image brochure that also doubles up as an acquisition mailing.

Target Audience

Rather than just creating a standard glossy image brochure in the usual A4 format, we developed Hock?r, an intelligent component that can be easily transformed into a useful and robust (designer) chair after it has been read – without the need for any screws or the help of handy friends.

Enacted Solution