Agency: Proximity Barcelona


After the results of the 2016 campaign "The Doll That Chose to Drive, the need to strengthen gender equality as a brand value and to generate a change in this area, we faced a challenge: create a sequel.

The situation was not easy: we were faced with an audience generally critical of sequels, especially in the context of a market already saturated with advertising during the Christmas season.

If in 2016 we opened the door, in 2017 we had to show a significant change in the rules in a sector that had historically accepted that the world of cars is populated by men. We had to reeducate the audience.

In 2016 we put a woman behind the wheel for the first time. This year we had to strengthen the principal of equality and show that it is - and has always been - part of the DNA of the Audi brand.


Audi promotes an egalitarian social model, a value that has always been part of the brand's DNA, but which had not been clearly communicated until 2016. In December 2016, Audi launched the first feminist message in its sector in Spain with The Doll That Chose to Drive, putting a doll at the wheel of its sportiest car.