Agency: Fulcro Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


The flagship category works on comparison. Apart from the badge players like the Galaxy series and Pixel, having the right price-value equation against the competition is only recipe of success. For Asus, the Zenfone 5Z was the first entrant in the flagship category. With no physical device available in the market, the objective was to create buzz and highlight the price value proposition of the product.


In June 2018, Asus India was set to launch the Zenfone 5Z - the true AI powered flagship phone in India. But with no presence in the flagship category and with players like OnePlus and Samsung enjoying high brand recall and higher marketing budgets, we had to devise a campaign which intelligently positioned the Asus Zenfone 5Z as a category-redefining flagship and create buzz for a phone that was still months away from launch.

Based on Google trends, we found out that a flagship user in India loves comparison videos and form their purchase decision basis how the phone performed amongst its peers. However, we had two challenges.