Aeroplan: Milestone


Objective of the campaign

When Aeroplan was launched 29 years ago as Air Canada's loyalty program, it pretty much invented the loyalty game in Canada. Now, with so many other players on the scene, and taking into account the average consumer has nine different loyalty cards in their wallet, it has become imperative for Aeroplan to increase consumers' perceived value of the program and thus reassert its brand leadership position.

Each Aeroplan Member's journey is unique and each benefits from the program in a different way. Throughout their membership in the program, Aeroplan Members reach key milestones, such as mile accumulation thresholds or redemptions for flights or merchandise.

The intent of this member-focused communications campaign was to improve consumers' perceived value and brand trust by highlighting key milestones each member has achieved in recent years. Considering the number of email communications an Aeroplan Member receives, the challenge was to ensure this communications campaign would stand out both visually and in terms of content as well.