Design consultancy: Springetts
Advertiser: World of Zing

Executive Summary

World of Zing owned and run by Pritesh Mody is one of the UK's most exciting food and drink start-ups. The food and drink range comprises everything from artisanally made Table Sauces to award-winning craft Bottled Cocktails, using the latest in molecular mixology and cocktail ageing facilities.

First started in 2014. World of Zing's tagline was Pioneers of Flavour Since 1968. The date relates to the parent company Gandhi Oriental Foods, which was founded in 1968 and had grown to become one of the UK's largest and most respected spice merchants.

The key challenge for the brand was that World of Zing was loved for the products that Pritesh sold on his stall at Brockley market. However outside the close circle of South London foodies the brand had no recognition or fame.

Our first challenge was to create a clear brand purpose for World of Zing which we simplified down to three words that became a mantra for the brand - 'flavour beyond ordinary'.