Design consultancy: Springetts
Advertiser: Whitworths

Executive Summary

Home baking has never been so popular. From the Great British Bake off to the literally hundreds of new blogs online. This in turn would have a huge effect on retail.

Or so you would think.

Unfortunately sales in home baking are as flat as a failed bake-off souffle. Frustrating for Whitworths as in 2013 they invested in a redesign that relied on their baking credentials.

It is always a brave decision to have to question a re-brand within months of launch but that is exactly what the new marketing team at Whitworths did.

During the research we discovered a huge segment of Whitworth's buyers were snackers not bakers. Instead of a fruit loaf most were decanting the fruit from the big bags into smaller pots for on-the-go eating.

This drove a new business objective to change Whitworths from a baking brand to a healthy snacking brand and pushed a new brief and new direction for the Whitworths Brand.