Design consultancy: Thompson Brand Partners
Advertiser: Thirsty Planet/Harrogate Spring Water

Executive Summary

When a brand stalls, but its foundations remain solid, design can be the thing that makes the biggest difference. This is the story of exactly that, for ethical water brand Thirsty Planet, part of Harrogate Water Brands.

Unlike other ethical waters, Thirsty Planet guarantees a donation for every bottle sold. This all goes to UK-based, independent charity Pump Aid, who use it to install water pumps in sub-Saharan Africa, for communities to access clean, safe water. So when sales slow, donations are hit and the best-laid plans of the charity cannot be delivered.

In 2016, despite strong growth in the UK bottled water sector, Thirsty Planet sales started to slow. The owner, James Cain, was determined to do more for the charity, and was adamant that his unique donation model was still the best way to provide it. His focus was on how the brand could contribute to better performance, which is where we came in.