Design consultancy: Pearlfisher
Advertiser: Zana Morris

Executive Summary

The UK health and fitness industry is booming but has never been more at odds with what consumers are really looking for. Consumers are more empowered and in control of their health then ever before - 1 in 7 people in the UK are now paying members of a gym - yet the vast majority of fitness outlets fail to provide the kind of personalisation that is defining the narrative of our modern lifestyles. The equipment that populates these establishments has been the same for decades, failing to progress with the advancement of the science of exercise.

Renowned nutritionist, personal trainer and author of 'The High Fat Diet' (Vermilion, 2015), Zana Morris, wanted to combat these and other shortcomings that she had noted throughout her 20-year career in the fitness industry. With her first training centre in central London's Harley Street reaching a plateau, Zana felt that her vision to grow the gym into a holistic health space would be best achieved in a new location, and under a new brand. She approached the agency to relaunch the gym, rooting the brief in a desire to unite the science behind her training philosophy with a bespoke, premium and human approach to nurturing mental and emotional wellbeing.