Design consultancy: Elmwood
Advertiser: Tesco

Executive Summary

Veganism and flexitarianism (a mainly vegetarian diet with a little fish or meat) was on the rise. In fact, in 2017 flexitarianism was one of the most striking food trends, with one in three people saying they were trying to reduce their meat intake.

In response to this trend, Tesco decided to offer its customers wider choice and more plant-based food options in the ready meals and food-to-go aisles. So they partnered with chef brothers Chad and Derek Sarno, co-founders of the US-brand Wicked Healthy. Using their culinary expertise the two crafted the plant-based range Wicked Kitchen exclusively for Tesco; a range that celebrates everything fantastic about plants and puts them centre-stage.

Tesco needed Wicked Kitchen's brand design to embrace the bold attitude of both Derek, Chad and their flavourful food, and appeal to a much wider audience than just vegans.