Design consultancy: HMA
Advertiser: stem4

Executive Summary

It is estimated that around 13% of children and young people try to hurt themselves on purpose at some point between the ages of 11 and 16. But with extreme pressures on the NHS, many are not getting the help they need with 37% of those referred to mental health services being turned away.

This is one of the reasons tens of thousands of young people are turning to digital tools to help them manage their mental health. But where do they start when trying to find an app to help? Which apps do they trust? How do they know the app isn't going to do more harm than good?

There are 327,000 apps that claim to help us stay healthy or manage our health, but it's estimated that only 15,000 of these are regularly maintained, secure, clinically safe or have met design standards. Whilst there is a wealth of 'mental health' apps on the app store, self-harm is not something that has been tackled by many app designers so there was a big gap in the level of support for those trying to self-manage this issue.