Design consultancy: DCA Design International
Advertiser: GlaxoSmithKline

Executive Summary

There are changes afoot in the Indian oral care market. More and more people are switching to toothpaste and toothbrushes after years of using traditional toothpowder. As a result, the market is growing at pace with significant opportunities for businesses to increase revenue. But there's a major barrier to it growing further - and that's the price of a toothbrush, which is expensive for huge swathes of the population living in poorer, more rural areas of the country.

In particular, sensitivity specialist/soft toothbrushes are even more expensive. Our Sensodyne Daily Care toothbrush, specifically designed for the Indian market, eliminates this barrier. Rural consumers can now walk into their neighbourhood store and buy a premium quality toothbrush for sensitive teeth, for as little as 30 rupees (that's around 30 pence) - a first for the brand owner, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), in the Indian market. A move that gives Sensodyne access to an entirely new market and makes better oral hygiene more affordable for millions more people in India.