Design consultancy: Interbrand
Advertiser: GlaxoSmithKline

Executive Summary

Earmarked by GSK as one of seven global brands with strategic priority for the business, parodontax had to achieve some challenging commercial objectives, but most people either don't know or don't care about their gums.

Driven by the belief that the pack is the brand distilled in the hand, a new visual identity and packaging design needed to communicate the brand's new proposition, make it stand out in the category, and provide the visual springboard for a new communications programme. A tall order, especially under the context that competitors were failing in the USA market, there was minimal market growth globally in gum care, and parodontax cost around double the category price.

To say that the redesign has been successful is an understatement. Not only did it exceed all one-year objectives, but parodontax is almost single-handedly driving growth of the entire gum health sector.

  • Fastest growing global toothpaste brand in the world
  • Sales increase where design relaunched
  • CAGR doubles objective
  • USA - Massive success where other major brands failed
  • UK - Market share doubles
  • Italy & Russia - Highest ever market share

Case Study Overview