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Executive Summary

A Company with A Mission

Loterie Romande is the lottery provider for the six French-speaking Swiss Cantons. An estimated 63% of the French-speaking Swiss population are Loterie Romande players, yet the existing online offer was outdated and in need of a wider rethink.

Since it was founded in 1937, with its objective to work for the public good, Loterie Romande has been organising and operating lottery games and sports betting in the six cantons of French-speaking Switzerland. It distributes 100% of its profits to non-profit-making bodies and organisations, active in a broad spectrum of fields, such as social welfare, culture, sport, education and the environment.

Loterie Romande operates across four pillars — draw-based games (EuroMillions, Swiss Loto, Magic 3 & 4, LotoExpress and Banco), sport bet games (a range of 12 sports), PMU horse race betting, and instant win games (a suite of games including Tribolo, which has experienced more than 400 different skins).