Design consultancy: Design Bridge
Advertiser: Jacobs Douwe Egberts

"We are allin' love with L'OR. This is our fastest growing brand, 'premiumising' coffee in grocery. The new L'OR visual identity and packaging design have become signifiers of the new 'gold standard' L'OR experience and have taken the espresso category by storm, tripling our business"1

Patrycja Nowakowska (L'OR Global Brand Director)

"We have capsules! And we are still recovering from the greatness of the designs - we are living for them! Congratulations again for the outstanding work you have done on L'OR, you make this brand really proud"

Ricard Valentines (L'OR Global Marketing Director)

Executive Summary

In 2016, Nespresso dominated the in-home premium coffee experience with its machines and aluminium capsules. Competitors, among them L'OR, offered cheaper capsules that were compatible with Nespresso machines (Nespresso Compatible Capsules, NCCs). These were made of plastic instead of aluminium, and were seen by consumers as notably inferior to the real thing.