J2O Glitterberry: Getting excited for the party season

Campaign details

Category name: Beverages
Agency: Identica
Advertiser: Britvic

Exectutive summary

Identica is very proud to present J2O Glitter Berry - a winter limited edition from J2O that proved how much innate potential this established brand still possessed.

Limited editions are an important weapon in any brand's arsenal - an opportunity to ask the public to reappraise the brand and bring in new users particularly for an established favourite like J2O.

J2O Glitter Berry had already appeared in pubs and bars and on supermarket shelves for the three previous Christmas holiday seasons. Britvic felt that the unique potential of their liquid, which sparkles when shaken, was the perfect product to echo the festive nature of the winter holiday. Britvic were keen to give J2O Glitter Berry an extra twist and create some new news in the hope of extending the limited editions footprint.