H.R. Owen: Brand refresh

Calling Brands

Executive summary

In the world of luxury, brand is king

Unfortunately for H.R. Owen, London's oldest luxury car dealership, their brand was being overshadowed by the car marques they sold. Following a turbulent time in the financial crisis, revenues fell (2009 — down 13% year on year) and profits fell faster; leading to a wholesale change in the senior management team at the end of 2011

In such a state of flux, H.R. Owen was in need of a strong brand strategy and identity to stabilise the group, uniting the different parts of the business and in so doing, create an H.R. Owen experience that both clients and employees would be proud to be a part of.

What began as a simple brand refresh, far outreached its original aims.

Within a year; car sales had risen by 29% and in the company's latest Final Year results, a 63% rise in operating profit was reported, along with a +71 average Net Promoter Score amongst employees and clients.