Design consultancy: WPA Pinfold
Advertiser: Harvey's Brewery

Executive Summary

Harvey's Brewery has been in existence since 1790 and has long been Sussex's pre-eminent brewery; the centrepiece is its marvellous Victorian brewery, based in the centre of Lewes. Its reputation for quality has been legendary and its flagship ale (Sussex Best) is known as the champagne of beers.

However, the brewery had not kept pace with the changing times - the brand had been neglected (with three totally different versions of the Harvey's logo appearing on its communications) and it was fast losing market share to the new micro and craft brewers that have established themselves in the area. The brewery had lost its focus and profits have been steadily declining since 2013 - by approximately one third.

The management team turned to us to provide a solution that would enable them to succeed in today's market. They had little experience of how brands worked (and were even suspicious of 'branding'). However, they realised they needed to take action to survive. They entrusted us to get it right - no small responsibility...