Design consultancy: LOVE.
Advertiser: Häagen-Dazs

Executive Summary

In 2015, Häagen-Dazs was in trouble. Consumers were lacking a clear and compelling view of the brand due to communication touchpoints that had become antiquated and monotonous.

In a growing category, Haagen-Dazs wasn't growing, and were losing market share to both new and established competition.

With the ice cream industry projected to grow to over $100bn by 2019, Häagen-Dazs needed to dramatically increase consumer appeal and brand fame, by reconnecting with a younger demographic.

Our response saw us reinvigorate the entire brand. Starting with the packaging design of all core products, before addressing shop spatial design, instore customer journey touchpoints, innovation product design and new format developments.

How Do We Know It's a Success?

  • UK sales have increased by 37%
  • UK market share increase of 1.7%
  • Penetration has more than doubled, from 10.2% to 20.6%, as more (younger) consumers are attracted to the brand, leading to an explosion in social media engagements by 500%
  • Refurbished stores in Europe & Latin America have earned the company a 22.9% sales increase, outperforming an ambitious target of 15%.

Project Overview