Design consultancy: Design Bridge
Advertiser: Diageo

Executive Summary

Helping a great British icon reign in gin once again

In 2016 Gin was booming.

A new cohort of premium players entered the market contributing to major category growth.

As a longstanding premium mainstream player, Gordon's needed to ensure it could ride the wave of popularity and stand out proudly in an increasingly complex market.

It needed to appeal to the incoming cohort of younger legal purchase age gin drinkers.

Design Bridge undertook an integrated 2D & 3D redesign of Gordon's London Dry (for GB) and Export (rest of world) - seeking to improve brand perceptions, optimise the bottle structure and significantly reduce production costs.

This entry looks at performance globally where the new re-design was introduced. This entry looks at the exceptional design effectiveness results, from multiple perspectives:

  • Sales
  • Equity
  • Environment
  • Efficiency
  • The new design change

The Results

  • The methodology: Diageo commissioned a study in 2018 from Data2Decisions to measure the sales effect of the 2016 bottle redesign.
  • Best in class econometric modelling has been used to isolate the pack change impact from all other factors - advertising, promotion, weather, seasonality, competitor activity, category growth, pricing and macroeconomic influences.
  • The data modelling was completed in GB for the green bottle and in Spain for the clear Export bottle as a proxy for rest of world markets.
  • 6% VOL GROWTH GLOBALLY in 2016-17 Following the redesign