Design consultancy: Hunt Hanson
Advertiser: Freixenet

Executive Summary

Freixenet is one of the world's largest producers of sparkling wine. After a century of non-stop growth, the first years of the twenty-first century saw a reversal of fortunes for this Spanish Cava producer.

A new rival entered the market. Prosecco. Produced in Italy, this new sparkilng wine, with its softer bubbles, seduced millions around the world with its easy to drink, stylish Italian sexiness.

Prosecco was threatening Freixenet's future. The company's response broke all the marketing rules. Instead of attacking this rival, they decided join them. And did so in a text book manner: analysing the competition, identifying potential consumer insights and concluding with a solution that aimed to de-position all other Prosecco brands.

Freixenet saw a growing need amongst Prosecco users for a better than average version. A premium Prosecco. And this was at the heart of the design brief. A design brief the client summed up in their first meeting with the agency by saying: 'It's very simple, we need a WOW!' They went on to explain that their wine would be 30% more expensive than other Prosecco's and needed the bottle and packaging to look instantly more desirable, more glamorous & worthier of such a price premium.