Design consultancy: Denomination
Advertiser: Fourth Wave Wines

Executive Summary

Fourth Wave Wine, an independent wine producer, briefed us to develop name, branding and packaging for a new wine to be sold in independent retailers as well as Endeavour Drinks Group (EDG), a major supermarket chain. The aim was to gain distribution of more of Fourth Wave's brands through EDG as it is Australia's largest liquor group with a lion's share of the retail market. The new brand we developed for Fourth Wave- Elephant in the Room - was not only a success with EDG, but became the fastest selling Pinot Noir in Australia. Jumping to 40,000 cases in the first nine months, the brand then rocketed to 120,000 cases - a 200% increase in sales - in the following ten months1. The second most successful NPD launch in Australia in 20172, Elephant in the Room convinced EDG to take a further seven brands from Fourth Wave and established the company as a "go to"for innovative, appealing brands. The brand's success was not limited to EDG outlets: it was a hit with independents and on-premise. From local distribution at launch, within 18 months the brand was being exported worldwide to ten countries.3