Design consultancy: Pearlfisher
Advertiser: Meatsnacks Group

Executive Sunmry

Pearlfisher needed to deliver an inspiring strategic and creative direction for Cruga Biltong that solidified the brand's premium position in order to dominate UK competitors. The new "Authentically African" positioning brings a true appreciation of meat boldly to the fore, and the design captures the artisanal, expert process of making biltong.

Despite a raft of new competitors that entered the market since the redesign, Cruga Biltong has achieved outstanding results against its objectives - and has almost single-handedly driven category growth.

Number 1 biltong in the UK

  • +22% growth to gain a massive 40.2% market share
  • +161% value sales growth smashes objective
  • +173% volume sales growth also blasts objective
  • +74% increase in total distribution points
  • +55% uplift in weighted value rate of sale