Design consultancy: BrandOpus
Advertiser: Molson Coors

Executive Summary

Our redesign for Carling has enabled the UKs largest beer brand to achieve substantial growth - despite the overall market experiencing an immense decline. Without any ATL support, growth has exceeded above expectations, in a climate where all the mega trends are affecting the category in a negative away, both on and off trade.

Although Carling is the UK's No. 1 lager, the mainstream lager category which it leads has been under significant threat. Volume sales are down by 5.6% in the past 4 years, whilst value is up in the same period by 5.5% driven by a shift towards more premium offerings. Mainstream lagers are therefore facing serious competition as drinkers buy into craft and imported lagers and trade up to higher value products. Coupled with the premiumisation challenge, consumers are going out less and when they do, consuming less alcohol; with 1 in 3 adults actively reducing their alcohol intake.