Design consultancy: Design Bridge
Advertiser: Mondelez

Executive Summary

As the first ever Heroes Advent calendar to be launched, Cadbury's family favourite had a clear ambition - to appeal to teens who consider themselves "too old" for advent, instead of the typical pre-teen audience and adults reliving their childhood.

The brief was to design a traditional advent calendar pack -

2D on a conventional 3D structure. However we felt that to truly engage th audience we would need to go beyond 1 We encouraged the client to expand the remit to include the digital realm.

This meant working together with BLippar a Leading specialist AR agency partner to develop and realise entirely new AR face-tracking advancements we knew our audience would Love -specifically for this project.

We therefore designed a digital user experience fusing the traditional forma' and daily ritual of advent with the fun and frivolous aspects of social media selfie-sharing. Each day of advent a new window can be opened on the physical calendar revealing a chocolate treat. But also a new selfie filter was released, offering an immersive Heroes experience teens couldn't help but shar with the world... so building engagemen' over time.

Engagement Results