Design consultancy: The Canopy Studio
Advertiser: Berrywood Primary School

Executive Summary

Green Heroes is a unique, first-of-its-kind educational and environmental project designed to enhance children's knowledge and awareness of environmental issues. The project empowers young people to care for both their school eco-system and have a meaningful impact in the fight against climate change. Currently, children are not taught about climate change as part of the standard UK curriculum, and Green Heroes encourages new ways of learning beyond the remit of the standard educational model.

What began with offering to help the Berrywood pupils with the creation of an environmental film, proved to be the green shoots of a much wider movement.

Offering hands-on environmental learning and the opportunity to create a vibrant, sustainable and inspiring school environment, children participating in the Green Heroes initiative are encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills regarding the world we live in, and to take small steps to affect big changes in the way in which we safeguard our planet for future aenerations.