Design consultancy: New English Design
Advertiser: Inspire, Culture, Learning and Libraries

Executive Summary

Beeston Library was a tired and dull example of a public service that was failing to address the needs of the local community. The dated and uninspiring interior made the learning environment unpleasant for both public and staff alike. We were commissioned, based on previous successes, to create an interior personality for Beeston Library that was unique, uplifting and modern, a place that the community would want to visit time and time again, that they could call their own, irrespective of age.

The interior environment and graphics were also required to help guide users intuitively around the building and allow them to find what they were looking for with minimal staff intervention. Using a simple and bright approach, we have transformed the feel and perception of the library for both users and staff. The solution has seen a positive change in use of the services, particularly in comparison to nationally declining figures in library use.