Design consultancy: Elmwood
Advertiser: 22 Street Lane Nursery

Executive Summary

Leeds-based entrepreneur Simon Pollard and his wife, Caroline, have three children, all of whom have attended nursery. While they were more than pleased with the childcare they'd received, they felt something was missing in the integration between nursery and home life, and that there was an opportunity begging to take nursery care to the next level.

Their concept was based around providing a premium level of care across all aspects of nursery care. They had found the perfect premises to convert into a state of the art building with fantastic outside space and access to the largest urban park in the UK, Roundhay. But with no background in early years education, it was essential to build a brand that would attract the very best staff, as well as the parents who were willing to pay a premium for their childcare.

In partnership with the couple, Elmwood came up with a brand positioning of'Play, Discovery and Growth'. Taking cues from luxury and resort brands, the brand design informed the thinking for how the nursery services would be brought to life - across everything from spa-style staff uniforms and wooden toys for the children, to the colour palettes and names for the room settings. The brand design and concept has formed the strong foundation from which 22 Street Lane's continued success has grown.