Milk West: Snack Time

Agency: DDB Canada

Case overview

In an industry and market where everyone is trying to figure out how to "advertise" and "market" to a youth and/or millennial market, we decided to accept who this audience is and how they like to interact with brands. Instead of developing ads, we created content that will not just appeal to them, but actually change their behaviour to benefit our client and drive business results.

The client's business issues/opportunities

a) The Client's business, competition and relevant history:

Our client Milk West is comprised of the four provincial milk marketing boards in Western Canada – BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. A small player against the giants of beverage marketing, this group was determined to compel a youth market (aged 13 – 17) to choose milk over other beverage options, even with a fraction of their budget. The beverage industry is competitive and cluttered. Established brands, like Coke and Red Bull, spend heavily to grow market share, and compete with many others offering trendy "innovations" or lifestyle solutions. Struggling to maintain its foothold in this aggressive market, is Milk.