Johnnie Walker Blue Label: "A gentleman's wager" viral campaign

Anomaly Inc.

Situation analysis

Overall assessment

This is the story of two men, a hand-made luxury Italian yacht, and a gentleman's wager made over a rarer-than-rare scotch whiskey. This is the story of the short film written in Canada that set out to make Johnnie Walker Blue Label the definitive global icon of new luxury. And it's the story of a campaign that used strategic insight to plan for virality rather than simply leave it to chance.

After suffering a period of decline following the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the luxury market had bounced back and was in a period of rapid growth. Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the most premium of Johnnie Walker's range of whiskies, was our opportunity to capitalize on this growth.

While people's appetite for luxury goods had returned, the GFC had permanently changed how luxury was defined and displayed. A new luxury mindset was emerging and scotch was not part of it.