Campaign details

Agency: TAXI Canada LTD.
Advertiser: Canadian Tire
Category: Building Brand Equity

Section I — Case Parameters

Business Results Period (Consecutive Months): June 2013 – Current
Start of Advertising/Communication Effort: June 2013
Base Period as a Benchmark: 2010-13 brand Health; 2013 & subsequent YOY sales
Geographic Area: National, English and French
Budget for this effort: Over $5 million

Section IA — Case Overview

Why should this case win in the category (ies) you have entered?

Fighting a battle on one front is tough. Fighting it on two really shows what you're made of.

In 2013, Canadian Tire faced two distinctly different but equally concerning business challenges. Internally, key brand and business drivers showed signs of softness after several years of stability. Externally, the pending arrival of US-retailer Target was an undeniable cause for concern. The response that was developed to address this situation head on, "Tested for Life in Canada," has helped the company weather competitive challenges, and has become a unique brand asset, differentiator and growth driver.