Advertiser: Whirlpool
Brand: Whirlpool
Agency: In house
Country: United States


1 in 5 American school kids struggle with access to clean clothes every day.1

This makes many kids embarrassed at best; fearful of being bullied at worst.

And it contributes to a problem that is harming the potential and prospects of a generation of children: chronic absenteeism from school.

The Whirlpool Care CountsTM laundry program is tackling this problem–one load of washing at a time. To date, we've installed washers and dryers in 68 schools across the nation.

We had three sets of objectives for Care Counts: program, communications and brand objectives.

Program objectives focused on demonstrating that Care Counts made a difference in kids' lives: proving that access to clean clothes reduces absenteeism and increases engagement, one load of washing at a time.