Campaign details

Advertiser: VICE Media
Agency: In house
Country: United States


The 2016 election divided the country, teeing up the 2018 midterms to be one of the most important in American history. With it, the power to shape the trajectory of the nation sat with young people. Our objective was simple: galvanize young people, the largest voting bloc to date, to amplify their voices and prove they can make an impact.

Creative work

The VICE voting campaign uses a collection of powerful iconography, originally made for our "THINGS" campaign in 2017. The items — stripped of color and context — found new life in our voting initiative and were adapted to examine specific political issues that were important to young Americans.

We opened our phone lines for people from all over the country on every side of each issue to call in. We let young people speak on the issues that matter to them, motivating others to express what matters to them and get to the polls. We used people's voices to create TV spots, social posts and more, leading them to a campaign hub where they could register to vote, listen to other people's messages and create their own custom video to share.