Campaign details

Advertiser: Verizon
Brand: Verizon
Agency: McCann New York
Country: United States


Business situation

Verizon has spent billions building America's largest, most reliable 4G LTE network. And people know it's the best—it has the best network perceptions in the category.

The issue is that Verizon's rivals try to steal share from Verizon by stirring up doubts about whether the best network is really worth the price.

These rivals spend >US$300MM/year on ads attacking the value of Verizon's network. They reinforce the same message over and over: all networks are now basically the same, and any additional reliability you get with Verizon is not worth the money.

Rather than allow people to be led to believe the difference in network quality is barely noticeable and doesn't matter, Verizon's blocks these attacks by to continually showing all kinds of people all kinds of reasons why having the most reliable network matters.