Advertiser: Verena Sure
Brand: Verena Sure
Agency: McCann Erickson Thailand
Country: Thailand


Commercial objective: To increase the sales of the Verena product through stimulating inbound calls to the call center to convert sales. Trialing this product is difficult as it is not easily accessible at retail rather needing to go through the direct sales business to purchase.

Marketing objective: To penetrate the saturated diet solutions market in Thailand.

Communications objectives:

  • Awareness: Gain significant reach using only Verena owned social platforms,
    Awareness in a noisy and highly fragmented market with a small budget set aside only for production, would be challenging, compounded by the limitation to feature any & all communications exclusively on Verena's owned platforms without any media buy support.
  • Engagement: Encourage target to interact with the communication,
    The existing noise online and offline with sales messaging has primed the audience to be passive viewers in in this segment, so activating them would require a unique category shifting approach.