Advertiser: University of Melbourne
Brand: University of Melbourne
Agency: McCann Melbourne
Country: Australia


Of the 43 universities in Australia, The University of Melbourne is not only the largest research university in the country, but is incredibly, and perhaps surprisingly, the 2nd largest investor of research outside of the CSIRO, the Australian Government's agency for scientific researchi.

Research is not only core to maintaining reputation as a leading research institute and impacting the wider community, but it is also the key driver of every other function of the University.

Research attracts the brightest academic mind, and therefore attracts the best students to study at the University. To put it simply, without maintaining research, we cannot continue to remain as the top ranked university in Australia.

There was however limited awareness of this research contribution. We needed to make the strategically important audience of Melbourne business leaders and investors (known by the University as 'Esteem') who only thought of the University as a teaching institution, appreciate and understand the world-changing contribution that it makes, right here in Melbourne.