Advertiser: UNICEF
Agency: Fabrikant/JWT
Country: Switzerland


There are three main objectives, prioritized in order:

  • Communication: Raise awareness for the subject matter of “missing girls” and activate a new target audience to do something for Unicef, be it by supporting its goals in any way (not only monetarily), by sharing and talking about it, by participating in human chains around Switzerland and getting active and engaged in the campaign.
  • Commercial: Generate new addresses and donations.
  • Marketing: Generate earned media value in order to build trust and credibly position Unicef as the relevant and competent voice for this subject matter.


The challenges:

Unicef is known in Switzerland (94%) but unaided brand awareness is low (28%). Even lower is the likeliness to donate (12%) because people don’t perceive it as transparent and don’t really know what Unicef stands for. The effects:

  • People have heard of Unicef, but don’t think of it when it comes to doing something.
  • Potential donators know that Unicef is big but don’t know where the donation is being spent (they hardly even know it’s for children).