Campaign details

Advertiser: Toyota Motor Corporation
Brand: Toyota
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi LA
Country: United States


To launch a future beyond cars, Toyota, the worlds largest automaker, created a global campaign that didn't feature any.

In the context of an evolving industry and new competitive set, the campaign repositioned Toyota as a mobility leader while connecting the brand's vision with the pinnacle of human movement: the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Commercially, Toyota's goal was to use the Olympic and Paralympic platform to increase shareholder value.

As a brand building campaign, for the first time ever sales and/or penetration were not key metrics. As for our communications objectives, Toyota aimed to achieve two things with the launch of the Start Your Impossible campaign.

  1. Enhance Toyota's brand equity via increased Olympic and Paralympic association.
  2. Shift mobility perceptions of the brand.

Creative work