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Advertiser: The Cybersmile Foundation
Brand: The Cybersmile Foundation
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Country: United Kingdom



Forget the trials and tribulations of Adrian Mole.

Today's youth have to deal with online abuse, revenge porn and DM death threats.

Although not necessarily known by name (Ditch the Label, 2017) cyberbullying is all over the internet. And it's getting worse as the online world pervades young people's lives.

Cyberbullying is wider reaching than traditional forms of bullyin (Public Health England, 2014) with 43% of teens falling victim3. And it destroys lives: making young people twice as likely to self-harm or attempt suicide4. Proving that 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me' is bullsh*t.

But with 39% of those cyberbullied last year not telling anyone, it could be happening to your child and you might not even know (Ditch the Label, 2017).