Advertiser: Ad Council
Brand: Ad Council
Agency: R/GA, New York
Country: United States


Love Has No Labels is a social good campaign created by the Ad Council in 2015 to promote inclusion and fight prejudice by making Americans aware of their implicit bias. According to the Perception Institute, 85% of Americans consider themselves unprejudiced (see footnote 1). But everyone has at least some implicit bias, causing us to make subconscious assumptions based on identity labels like race or disability (see footnote 2). It develops from our experiences, culture, and mass media, including images that perpetuate negative stereotypes. Implicit bias can harm someone's ability to get a job, secure a loan, rent an apartment, or get a fair trial.

To break this habit of unconscious prejudice, Patricia Devine, professor of psychology and the director of the Prejudice and Intergroup Relations Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recommends that one must "detect it, [...] reflect about it, [...] reject it, and then you can replace it with a type of response that is more congenial to your value." (see footnote 3).