Campaign details

Advertiser: Tesco
Brand: Tesco
Agency: Mediacom London
Country: United Kingdom


  • Commercial objectives: Maintain Tesco's leading position as the number one grocer in the UK and increase annual profit to £1 billion
  • Marketing objectives: Increase quality perceptions of Tesco from 18.8 to 27.3 by 2020 (YouGov) and close the gap with the competition
  • Communications objectives: To differentiate from the market by establishing and growing awareness of Tesco's point of view on food.

Creative work

In 2017, while other supermarkets focused on food provenance, Tesco sought to connect with the nation through emotive storytelling and the relationship we have with mealtimes. 'Food Love Stories' was born to celebrate 'the food you love to cook, for the people you love'.