Advertiser: Medcom
Agency: Publicuatro Ogilvy & Mather
Country: Panama


We were asked to create more awareness of a specific segment in the local news in MEDCOM's company TV Channel, Telemetro Reporta. The segment was (and still is) presented by Luis Casis, which is known as "El Reportero Ciudadano"(The Citizen Reporter).

The idea behind the segment is to create awareness of the situations that the Panamanians live in the street daily and many of them, came from the audience who complained directly to Luis Casis (via WhatsApp, Social Media, Mails, etc) or through Telemetro's Social Media.

Many of the complains were dismissed since they were receiving so many (please, bear in mind that Panama is still a third world country, so we do have a lot to complain about) and that's when we were asked to create a strategy to help them grow the segment.

Commercial Objective:

  • To convert "El Reportero Ciudadano" in a profitable segment