Campaign details

Advertiser: Tele2
Brand: Tele2
Agency: Adell Taivas Ogilvy Vilnius
Country: Lithuania


By the year 2017, telecommunications brand TELE2 was fully benefiting from its brand strategy as the cheapest brand in the market1. It was time to face a new business challenge in order to grow.

In order to meet these needs Mobile broad band product has been communicated for the audience via traditional advertising2. However the results3 showed that the audience did not understood the benefits of the product from previous communication and did not consider the product as a possible solution for their home.

Creative work

We simply created a new form of advertising in Lithuania. We put our product into real test that verified its advantages.

We built a mobile house with TELE2 Mobile broadband installed. Then, we attached it to a hot air balloon and flew across Lithuania to prove that TELE2 home internet works everywhere.