Advertiser: Swedish Tourist Association
Agency: INGO
Country: Sweden



Achieve a revenue of 45.140.000 SEK during 2016, from membership fees.

Slow down the decline in memberships by 25%.


Increase membership to STF, specifically achieving at least 5% increase in penetration, specifically amongst the new core target of Swedish 18-49 year-olds.


Brand rejuvenation and re-appraisal of STF for a younger target audience by driving more interest in Sweden and its nature, crucially by rapidly developing international awareness in Sweden as a country and travel destination.


The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) was founded in 1885 and manages hotels and hostels all over Sweden. STF is one of the largest volunteer organisations in Sweden, with approximately 255,000 members. STF has deep roots in Swedish tourism, based on preserving nature and cultural heritage. Their objective is to be a distinct voice in important environmental issues and to develop tourism focused on the more uncommon and remote places to visit in Sweden. They nurture the Swedish environment, and desire that it should be preserved for coming generations. They are a small organization with an extremely limited marketing budget.