Campaign details

Advertiser: PepsiCo
Brand: Sting
Agency: BBDO Pakistan Lahore
Country: Pakistan


  1. Communications objective: Revitalize brand image: Sting, an energy drink, was suffering from an image problem: it was being considered by consumers as a simple "soft drink" and not a beverage that boosts energy. This was hurting sales. In a dire need to change its image into a top-of-the-line energy drink, PepsiCo required an integrated campaign that re-established Sting's positioning. The first objective of the campaign was to make sure that consumers recognize Sting as an energy drink, leading to an increase in sales. A secondary goal of developing social media following was set.
  2. Marketing objective: Increase sales: Sting had been facing negative growth at -12%, mostly due to it not being perceived as an energy boosting drink. The primary commercial objective was to reverse the decline trajectory and bring it back to growth. The marketing objective was to not only reach 10 million+ through the use of online and traditional media, but to do it in as organic a manner as possible.

Creative work